Baby Bathing: A Rejoicing Baby Care Experience!

Baby bathing: a rejoicing baby care experience!

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A very essential part of baby care, a baby bath is a very special event for both the parents and the little infant as it holds hundreds of the most intimate and adorable moments spent by the two. Listening to your baby cooing, gurgling and splashing in the water is a different baby care experience f...

 Baby’s First Steps | Child Walking & Safety

baby’s first steps | child walking & safety

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The baby’s first steps are what parents eagerly wait for. They wish to see their child crawl and lead the initial steps, holding their fingers. However, walking doesn’t occur instantly in babies, it takes place in stages which include : · Stage 1 Sitting independently (4 to 6 months...

The Guide to Grooming Your New Born

The guide to grooming your new born

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The Ultimate Guide to Bathing and Grooming Your New BabyGrooming an infant is a stressful experience, especially for the first time mothers. Baby grooming kits available at are designed for all parents to keep their baby clean and fresh. We have collated some tips for the first time...

Newborns Require Attention | Need For Attention

Newborns require attention | need for attention

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“A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it.” -  Frank A. Clark Parenthood is not just a transition of life, it's a beginning of huge responsibility coming your way. Remember the nine months that you prayed for this bundle of happiness to take birth? Now it’s the ...

Healthy Food Habits for Toddlers | Child Care and Child Health

Healthy food habits for toddlers | child care and child health

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What troubles the parents most is inculcating healthy food habits in their toddlers. Almost every parent has the same story to narrate about the childcare. Toddlers often at times, remain fussy about what they eat or refuse to eat completely. While they are actively paying attention t...

 Child Potty Training | Chummie Contoured Potty Training Ladder Step Up Seat

child potty training | chummie contoured potty training ladder step up seat

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As soon as your child becomes more independent when it comes to completing tasks, it’s time to start with their toilet training. The first step is to decide whether you want to train using a potty or the toilet. Always encourage the child to use both, however, prefer training them using to...

 Gentle Skin Care of a Newborn | Special Baby Skin Care

gentle skin care of a newborn | special baby skin care

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The gentle skin of a newborn is extra sensitive as compared to that of an adult and thus requires special care from parents. As the baby’s skin is more delicate and thinner, it is, therefore, more prone to irritation and infection. While bathing and moisturising your child’s skin, these ca...

Sleep Benefits for Growing Babies | Child Development

Sleep benefits for growing babies | child development

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A major part of a child’s development, since the time of birth, depends on the amount and quality of sleep one gets. Sleep is crucial for the well-being of the growing babies - for their fast development and improvement - in such a little time frame. The assessment shows that young babie...